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What expect during Botox treatment NYC?

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best-botox-clinic-nycDoctors and Injectors at Trifecta Med Spa 57 in New York have been using Botox for years to successfully treat wrinkles and facial creases.

Trifecta Med Spa 57 is located in midtown Manhattan NYC. Call (212) 247-4148 for your Botox appointment!

If you new to Botox treatment here are some information of what to expect during 15-20 minutes Botox treatment session.

Botox treatment steps:

  • You will be asked to remove any makeup before our Trifecta Med Spa 57 doctor starts injecting Botox. This will help our NYC Botox specialist see and avoid the veins at injection sites that are prone to bruising.


  • During the procedure you will be placed in a comfortable sitting position. The areas to be treated will be cleansed with alcohol swabs.


  • Just before the injections doctor at Trifecta Med Spa 57 will ask you to repeatedly contract and relax your problematic muscles and then will assess the thickness and quality of your skin, the thickness and size of the underlying muscles, and determine the most appropriate Botox dose and best points for the injections.


  • Finally our NYC Botox doctor at Trifecta Med Spa 57 will inject the targeted muscles with the finest possible needle, thus minimizing discomfort and bruising. In the unlikely event that skin bleeding occurs, you will be asked to apply manual point pressure. This helps minimize the extent of bruising. Makeup may be applied right after the Botox treatment.

Very popular these days, Botox has quickly become one of the most popular treatments around. It only takes around 15-20 minutes for one-stop procedure.

Call Trifecta Med Spa 57 today! (212) 247-4148 and get more youthful appearance with Botox treatment NYC.

Trifecta Med Spa 57 offers #1 Botox treatment in Manhattan NYC.

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Top Botox Treatment in Midtown Manhattan offered at Trifecta Med Spa 57


Botox for frown lines (glabella) at Trifecta Med Spa

If you have opened a celebrity magazine recently, or you’ve tuned into the TV, namely E or something similar, then you will no doubt have heard the word Botox in abundance. Botox is something which we all think we know about, we all have an opinion on, but in reality, not many of us really understand what it is and what it does.

Put simply, Botox can be a wonderful thing, when it is used correctly and in moderation.

Here at Trifecta Med Spa 57 in midtown Manhattan NYC we are extremely knowledgeable and highly trained when it comes to Botox. Not one of our clients will experience that frozen, unable to even smile appearance, because we know that less is more, and we know where to place the injections, in order to give the most natural, youthful, and pleasing effect. Basically, we are here to give the residents of New York City the most ageless appearance, without looking completely frozen in time!

First things first though, what causes this frozen look?

Well, Botox is scientifically known as Botulinum Toxin, and as you would expect from a substance with a name like that, it is quite a serious substance if used incorrectly. When injected into the body, Botox works to block signals which your brain would send along your nerves to the muscles, stopping it from contracting. This means that wrinkles and fine lines begin to soft and may even disappear completely. Basically, Botox relaxes the muscles to mean that they simply can’t move. Yes, it sounds scary, but when you are in safe hands, and the procedure is done carefully and correctly, there is really nothing to worry about, and the effects will make you very happy indeed!

Now, what causes that over-frozen look is when the Botox is over-injected or used too much, and this is often the case when someone becomes addicted to Botox injections, and is under the care of a practitioner who simply won’t say ‘no’. Here at Trifecta Med Spa, you won’t have that problem, because we are highly experienced, and therefore will have no problem in giving you our honest and highly skilled opinion!

Why Botox is so popular in NYC?

Botox can be given at regular intervals to maintain your appearance, and it is something which you will notice very quickly indeed. The procedure is painless, all you may feel is a slight scratch at the time of injection, and you won’t need any downtime afterwards, you can simply head back to work or carry on with your day. This means that Botox an easily be scheduled into busy lives, which we all lead these days!

Questions about Botox – Call Trifecta Med Spa 57

If you have questions about Botox, but it’s something you’re certainly interested in looking into further, don’t hesitate to give Trifecta Med Spa 57 a call at (212) 247-4148. We will schedule a consultation appointment with you, where we can discuss the procedure, its pros and cons, how it is done, and we can answer any questions you may have.


Give us a call today!

Botox and Juvederm Treatments at Trifecta

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Botox and Juvederm injections are the most popular treatments at Trifecta Med Spa 57.

At Trifecta Med Spa 57, we only use brand name, FDA approved Botox and Juvederm from Allergan USA. All Botox treatment are administered by our specially trained NYC Botox injectors. Dr. Edward Fruitman, MD is a Medical Director and founder of Trifecta Med Spa.

With Trifecta Med Spa you can stop the formation of wrinkles and lines by regular sessions of Botox, or Juvederm filler, and you’re one step ahead.

Unfortunately for us, there’s such as thing as wrinkles memory – yes, they seem to think for themselves too. They will come back, so a good idea is to have another Botox treatment top-up every three months, decreasing to four months, then down to six months after around three years.

Botox and Juvederm NYC treatments can be done quickly, easily and relatively pain-free, and even in your lunch hour! Can you think of any better way to spend your break? Trifecta Med Spa 57 in midtown Manhattan New York caters for your wrinkle battling needs with ease, and the best thing? You’ll see results almost instantly!

An instant way to turn back time? You’ve found it.

Call Trifecta Med Spa at (212) 247-4148 or Request an appointment for your next Botox and Juvederm treatment in midtown Manhattan NYC!

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